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SBF Records


add. releases: A-Strain "Tune Order" (1998, CD 450 354), Travellers "Maybe Tomorrow" (1998, CD 450 353), Peter O´Mara "Heritage" (1998, CD 450 355)


Name Funktion
Manfred Prentner Chef



Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2009 In Any Shade of Color Time for Pride label CD
2005 We!come Home Kontrust distribution CD
2005 Behave Pocket Rocket distribution CD
2000 Aspects Puschnig, Wolfgang distribution CD
1999 A mords mostige Musi Kaga distribution CD
1999 Cry Flute Wehinger, Günter distribution CD
1999 Ducks And Diners Base, The distribution CD
1999 Puppet´s Dance Herbert, Peter & Peter Madsen distribution CD
1998 Time Doesn´t Matter At All Black Rose distribution CD
1998 La Lampe Philosophique Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, The distribution CD
1998 Phunkeephied Soulution X-Coloured distribution CD
1998 Back To The Blues Gillespie, Dana distribution CD
1998 Streunende Hörner Saxofour distribution CD
1997 Little Drummer Boy Ballycotton, Bogdan distribution CD
1997 The Spirit of Nature Yumans distribution CD
1997 Great Story of A Home Out of Blue distribution CD
1997 Joanna´s Wedding Ballycotton distribution CD
1997 Fairytale Ballycotton label CD
1997 Snap Crackle And Pop Flakes, The label CD
1997 Straight Talk Helicopters (Schönleitner, Helmut & Helicopters) label CD
1997 Birnbeitln Mostviertler Birnbeitler distribution CD
1996 Save The Robots Schrenk, Conrad Extravaganza distribution CD
1996 Live In Zürich / Promo Sokal, Harry Rave The Jazz! label CD-MINI
1996 Extended Version Bruckner's Unlimited label CD
1996 Live In Zürich Sokal, Harry Rave The Jazz! distribution CD
1996 Rainbow In Your Eyes Black Rose distribution CD
1995 Solo Works ´89-93 Klaus Dickbauer distribution CD
1995 Boarder´s World Vol.1 Mac Animal, Naked Lunch, Prochoice distribution CD
1995 Darkness Pursues The Butterfly Peter & Peter distribution CD
1995 Bruckner's Drittbeste Bruckner's Unlimited label CD
1994 Les Plaisirs Anonimus distribution CD
1994 Remain In Existence Hagauer, Günter & New Austrian Big Band, The label CD
1994 We Love Country Music Smoky River Band distribution CD, MC
1992 Bruckner´s Zweitbeste Bruckner's Unlimited label CD
1991 Mozart im Big Band Sound Kirchner, Franz Big Band label CD
1990 Bruckner´s Beste Bruckner's Unlimited label 12INCH33
1989 Island Of Hope Bogdan label LP
1989 Picnic Suite And Suite For Recorder And Jazz Piano Anonimus distribution CD
1989 Island Of Hope Bogdan label CD
1989 Father And Son Josel, Rudi und Peter distribution CD
1988 Proud And Strong / Standing On Rock U8 label 07INCH45
1988 Patos De Minas Carin Cosa Latin Band label CD
1988 Patos de Minas Carin Cosa Latin Band distribution LP
1988 Bassonic Helicopters (Schönleitner, Helmut & Helicopters) label 12INCH33
1987 Le Metro Camorra distribution 12INCH33
1987 Christan M. Seitelberger Cocbit label 12INCH33
- 4 Wheel Drive Prochoice label -


Artikel Medium Ausgabe Seite Datum Art
Wir sind Übersehhändler Film, Sound & Media 10/19 16 Okt. 2019 ARTIKEL

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