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1980 von Gertraude & Roland Schober gegründet.


Name Funktion
Roland Schober Geschäftsführer
Richard Schober Marketing
Gertraude Schober Prokuristin


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2007 Spielball Leo distribution CD
2007 Dancing Leo label -
2007 Rollin Inez und Leo label -
2005 Best of Webcastings Station Rose label CD
1999 Church Chill Out 5 BNS, Chiller, E-Maxx, DJ vs. S.L.K., Orgasmo, DJ, Stomper, Symbolic Mind distribution CD
1999 6 Bukowski, Boris distribution CD
1998 How Do You Do? Dr. No distribution CD
1998 Young Generation X-Fears distribution CD
1998 Someday Mr. Voice & The Foolish Cry label CD
1997 Voices Everywhere Commander distribution CD
1997 20th Anniversary 1997 Supermax distribution CD
1997 Shopping Bags & Religion Hohenlohe, Hubertus label CD
1997 Wiener Blut Stahlhammer distribution CD
1997 Angel Bosss, Hubo distribution CD
1996 Commander Commander distribution CD
1995 Music for The People Stojka, Harri distribution CD
1995 Wooden Days Baum, Andy & The Trix distribution CD
1994 World Through Your Eyes Mimi distribution CD
1994 Talking Infinity Portnoy distribution CD
1994 Delicious K&K String Quartet, The distribution CD
1994 Denise Fontoura Fontoura, Denise distribution CD
1994 Push Push Blowjob distribution CD
1994 Durchhoid´n Stojka, Harri distribution CD
1994 Burning Memory Gin Tonic distribution CD
1994 I Beg Your Pardon Private Curtain distribution CD
1993 Lucky Days Duke, Peter label CD
1993 Tired of Life Silent Age distribution CD
1993 The Principle of Lust Portnoy distribution CD
1993 Think Big Blowjob distribution CD
1993 Samstag auf´d Nocht Graymalkin distribution CD
1993 Love On Hire Private Curtain distribution CD
1993 Wild Time/Turn Me On Blowjob distribution CD
1993 Unite Blowjob distribution CD
1993 Rock & Roll Part III Dyn Bros distribution CD
1992 Not To Be Undimensional Conscious Disharmonic Orchestra distribution CD
1992 Borderline Gin Tonic distribution CD
1992 Perseverance H.P. Zinker distribution CD
1992 Be My Friend Schubert distribution CD
1992 Dope For Hope Blowjob distribution CD
1992 Mädchen / Luft zum Atmen Freund, Andy und die Indianer distribution 07INCH45
1992 Blues Live aus dem Orpheum Blue, Broadlahn, Gotfried, Jay, Mally´s, Oliver Sir Blues Distillery, Opus, Peyer, Carl, Power Project, Raskolnikov, Ripoff & The 20th Century Blues Band, Roth/ Theessink/ Pozar, Sensible Shoes, Vojo, Wilfried distribution CD
1992 Indianer sind immer verliebt Freund, Andy und die Indianer distribution CD
1992 World of Music Duke, Peter label CD
1992 Have Mercy Michelle / The Flip Side Woerz, Andreas distribution CD
1992 Skydance Duke, Peter label CD
1991 City Cops City Cops distribution 12INCH33, CD, MC
1991 Gossenhauer Attwenger distribution 12INCH33
1990 My Spanish Lady / May I Stay Stone, William label SI
1990 Voice Company Voice Company distribution LP
1990 Papagena Papageno distribution SI
1990 Expositionsprophylaxe Disharmonic Orchestra distribution 12INCH33, CD
1990 Love Affair/Michelle Gin Tonic distribution 07INCH45
1989 Gedanken Rik distribution LP
1989 Lady In The Mirror Private Eyes label SI
1989 The Shiver Ronnie Urini & Leeza Vermeer distribution 07INCH45
1989 Passion & Beauty Private Eyes distribution LP
1989 Liebe auf den ersten Blick / (Sittin´ On) The Dock of The Bay Roth, Thomas distribution 07INCH45
1989 Headlines Stone, William distribution LP
1988 Serengeti Christoph Hornstein distribution 07INCH45
1988 One Day C. C. Project distribution SI
1988 The Decade of Decay / Konrad Bayer is dead Urini, Ronnie & Die Letzten Poeten label 07INCH45
1988 Slaves of A New World C. C. Project label SI
1988 Endless Summer / Jules et Jim Ronnie Urini & Venus distribution SI
1988 Rio-Vienna Hohenlohe, Hubertus distribution 12INCH33, CD
1988 C´est la vie / I Think I Am Hohenlohe, Hubertus distribution 07INCH45
1988 Back To Music Heyduk, Dieter distribution LP
1988 Flying Over Rainbow Bridge Private Eyes distribution LP
1987 Femme Fatale / Paatymaton Uni Ronnie Urini & Venus distribution 07INCH45
1987 Welcome To Win Blind Petition distribution 12INCH33, CD
1987 Summer Wine / Hot Sand Ronnie Urini & Venus distribution 07INCH45
1987 Wichtig Kindl, Claudia distribution 07INCH45
1987 Piece of your Heart Caprice distribution 07INCH45
1987 A Piece of Your Heart Caprice distribution 07INCH45
1987 Hungry Eyes / Never give up Life Wire distribution 07INCH45
1987 Young Love / Standin´ In The Light Mangroove distribution SI
1987 Papa Was A Rolling Stone (live) Bobby Hammer distribution 07INCH45
1986 Herbolzheimer Jr. Herbolzheimer Jr. label LP
1986 Hello Caprice distribution 07INCH45
1986 Wien? Lamu distribution 07INCH45
1986 Mei potschertes Leb´n Orsolics, Hans distribution 07INCH45
1986 Tschingo Bingo Live Blind Petition distribution 12INCH33, CD
1986 Strandcafe / Fort von daham Ammoniak distribution 07INCH45
1986 When The Day Has Gone/Feel The Power Spit Out distribution 07INCH45
1986 Stay with me Lady distribution 07INCH45
1986 Ich will einen Mann Sü-vaal und die Laufmasche distribution 07INCH45
1985 Rabbit And Fox Private Eyes distribution SI
1985 Ready to Fire Blind Petition, Blowin´ Free, Burning Vision, Tomorrow distribution 12INCH33
1985 Girls from the south / Lady wintersun Drugstore distribution 07INCH45
1981 Oh, nur du/Vienna Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV) label SI
1981 Alpen-Punk/Rasta Disasta Reggae Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV) label SI
- Stand By Me Dr. No distribution CD
- Two Together Mimi distribution CD
- Kannst Di no erinnern Vickerl distribution 07INCH45
- Call Me Jay Gotfried, Jay distribution CD
- Cyberia Cyberia distribution 12INCH45, CD
- Aggressive + Shy Cyberia distribution CD
- Pures Gift Gaugeler, Gerald & Band distribution CD, MC
- Skandal umTintoretto Fender, Fredi distribution 07INCH45


Artikel Medium Ausgabe Seite Datum Art
A handful of music Film, Sound & Media 01/10 18 Jan. 2010 PLATTENKRITIK
Echo Zyx - The Next Generation Sound & Media 05/00 28f 23. März 2000 INTERVIEW/ARTIKEL
20 Jahre Echo-Zyx Sound & Media 20/99 08 02. Dez. 1999 INTERVIEW/ARTIKEL
Schallplatten Tschin Bumm 31 82 1985 PLATTENKRITIK


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