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City Of Angels


Format: -

Erscheinungsjahr: 1990

Spielzeit: 00:44:41

Code: LP 846973-1/ CD 846973-2 MC 846973-4



Format Archivplatz
12INCH33 LP-BS003
12INCH33 LP-LG007


Nr. Dauer Titel Interpret Text/Musik
A1 00:03:33 Listen To Your Heart Lux, Gary Lux
A2 00:03:33 The Colours of 69 Lux, Gary Lux
A3 00:03:57 A Trace of A Track Lux, Gary Lux
A4 00:03:21 I Never get Enough Of You Lux, Gary Lux
A5 00:04:29 Countdown Lux, Gary Kolonovits, Lux
B1 00:05:25 Cinco De Mayo Lux, Gary Lux
B2 00:04:12 Don´t Ask Me Where Lux, Gary Lux
B3 00:03:35 Everything Turns Out Right Lux, Gary Lux
B4 00:04:25 You Can´t Carry Your Heart (like A Ring on The Finger) Lux, Gary Lux
B5 00:04:09 You Broke Into My Life Lux, Gary Lux
B6 00:04:02 Fly Lux, Gary Lux


Erwähnt Person/Firma/Band Zusätzliche Info
artwork Günther Stotz -
distribution PolyGram -
guestmusician Mischa Krausz Bass
guestmusician Metin Meto Percussion
guestmusician Ulli Winter Guitar
guestmusician Willi Schneider Keyboards
guestmusician Bernhard Locker Guitar
guestmusician Hans «Ed "FastFinger" Meloni» Zinkl Guitar
guestmusician Christine «Tini» Kainrath Chor
guestmusician Jacqueline Patricio Chor
guestmusician Martin Fuss Midi-Wind
guestmusician Erwin «Max» Bader Keyboards
guestmusician Goran «Gogo» Mikulec Guitar
guestmusician Andreas «Eule/Andy» Freund Chor
guestmusician Hannes Tiefenbrunner Drum Prog.
guestmusician Thomas Gottwald Drum Prog.
guestmusician Manfred Holub Chor
guestmusician Andy Radovan Guitar
guestmusician Gerhard Mayer Bass
guestmusician Shirley Giha Chor
guestmusician Thomas «Tom» Lang Live Drums
guestmusician Karin Friedl Chor
label Uptone Records -
photos Thomas Raab -
produced by Gary Lux -
produced by Christian Kolonovits Track A5