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Random Cover Gallery

Maniac Anarchistic Development (2010)
by Maddike
Live At Labrador (1996)
by Twist of Fate
Reality (1998)
by Pride & Shame
Für Di' Allan (1986)
by Werger, Stefanie
Ruff Rider (1998)
by Dubblestandart
V.I.P. (1987)
by Ambros, Wolfgang
Boundaries (1994)
by Conquest, Leena & Hip Hop Finger
About Everything (2014)
by Frustrations
His Name Is Radar (2010)
various artists
Flying Objects, they don't have a Brain (2004)
by Sir Tralala
Einmal im Leb´n (1990)
by Steinbäcker
Me And The Masses (2000)
by 330 mle
Hohn (1997)
by Sunnsait´n
Krom (2007)
by efzeg
Split 7" (2014)
by James Choice
Soundtrack (2009)
by Platzgumer, Hans
Tigerwizard EP (2014)
by Tigerwizard
Insanity (2018)
by Dotronix
Namenlos (2003)
by Ambros, Wolfgang
Demo (2005)
by Cyruss
Salty Womb (2010)
by Ogris Debris
Golden Guitar-Sound (1981)
by Hubbubs, The
I find di einfoch schee (2011)
by Reider, Bernhard
Rattengift (1998)
by Ensemble des Musicals Rattengift
Gojira (2012)
by Mr. Ho
Molecules EP (2014)
by SimOn/Off
Erdal (2012)
by Örs / İleri / Seyhan / Prcls
Like A Bird (2012)
by Lexy & K-Paul
Sperminator (1994)
various artists
R/V/LT/D 12" (2010)
by R/V/LT/D
M.A.D ActiVys (2016)
various artists
Midnight Walker EP (2012)
by RoyGreen & Protone & Monologue
13 Statements Concerning Werk (1999)
various artists
Melt Downer (2017)
by Melt Downer
How Long Will It Take (1999)
by Pires, Sandra
Ist das Alles hier? (2013)
by Pilipenko
Alive (2017)
by Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor
Mizzi's Stamm-Café (2007)
by Black Sand
The Way of Cromitment (2001)
by Cromit
Inspector Malosso (2009)
by Merry Poppins, The
Friedensideen (1999)
various artists
Armatage Shank (1996)
various artists
Under The Influence (2008)
by Just Banks
Probably The Best Record In the World (2008)
by Beggars Street Inn
A Ghost and the Queen (2008)
by JM Kanes
Live At Klanggalerie (2000)
by Fax Mattinger, Das
La Lampe Philosophique (1998)
by Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, The
Third Eye (Remixes) (2010)
by Adrenalinoman
Super Vision (2014)
Wir & Ihr (2012)
by Andi & Alex
Swampy (2014)
by Muscaria
Stairway To Heaven (2013)
by Crazy Sonic
Alterno Boy (2017)
by Alterno Boy
Epode (2005)
by Valina
Need (1996)
by Sans Secours
Golden Boy (Single) (2013)
by Gin Ga
Strobelight / Acid Werk (2013)
by Neufeld, Clemens
Tenebris Somniorum EP (2018)
various artists
No, I See You (2013)
by Sweet Sweet Moon
Taking Stock EP (2010)
by PDF (Phil da Funk)
Mystery System (2004)
by Ligeti, Lukas
Awaken of the masses EP (2009)
by Vigor
The Slough of Iggy & The Iguanas (1984)
by Urini, Ronnie & Die Letzten Poeten
...in the beginning (1998)
by Demolition