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add. guest-musicians: Brian Funkstew (drums), Lou.Cypher (vocals) After his first succesfull solo release "Psychology of the soul" on CRAFT REC. and the brilliant track ACTION originally on the last SUBETAGE REC. Comp. called "ELECTRO JUICE 2", ALEX IS MY BRO now follows with a LARGE tune. Take the biggest thing you can think of, blow it up to forty times it original size, and this tune is still bigger than it. It´s a King Kong of a bass record, a veritable monster of the discotech. Funkier than a damn funky thing. DEMON FLOWERS drives deep into his pint pot to produce a distictly downbeat funky affair. Chugging breakbeats with hypnotic vocal wail and jazzy keys. Brilliant! The high-voltage players MEN AT ARMS roll out a downbeat masterpiece from their warped east Vienna labs. Essential! With this 4-tracker you can dance yourself dizzy. You NEED this record!

Format: 7 inch Vinyl auf 33 UPM, "EP-Single"

Erscheinungsjahr: 1999

Spielzeit: -

Code: craft44



Format Archivplatz
07INCH33 LP-BS006


Nr. Dauer Titel Interpret Text/Musik
A1 - Action Alex is my Bro, DJ Lou.Cipher/Alex Is My Bro
A2 - Space Action (Les Demon Flowers Combo) Alex is my Bro, DJ Alex Is My Bro
B1 - Physical.Action Alex is my Bro, DJ Alex Is My Bro
B2 - Mental.Action Alex is my Bro, DJ Alex Is My Bro


Erwähnt Person/Firma/Band Zusätzliche Info
artwork Christoph Steinegger -
distribution Groove Attack -
guestband Men At Arms -
guestmusician Peter Legat git
guestmusician Werner «Demon Flowers» Geier bass & space control
guestmusician Georg O. Luksch wurlitzer, e-piano
guestmusician Leopoldo F. Fleming percussion
guestmusician Sonja Ronei vocals
guestmusician Catherine «Cassy» Britton vocals
label Craft Records -
remix Werner «Demon Flowers» Geier -