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Wollvieh Productions


Name Funktion
Wolfgang Czeland -


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
1995 Made In Vienna Vol. 14 Black Frame, Chimera, Cockroach, Complizen, Die, Gürtelrosi, Little Green Man, Mad Peppper, W.C. Feat. Mister F. distribution CD
1994 Made In Vienna IX 2´nd Wind, Adam, Bödl, Martin, Davenport, Gideon, Nameless, Nordrand Unlimited, Out of Touch, Sonority, Tender To The Tiger, Ziegler - Leitner, Barbara label CD
1994 Made In Vienna Vol. 10 Adam, Cliff Martin, Korner, Michael, Loveson, Julie, Nuff Said, Pech, Helmut, Roodolph, Singer, Karl, Social Graces, Sun label CD
1994 She Does it All Tender To The Tiger label CD
1993 Made In Vienna VI De Vienne, Duit, Gladstone, Goggo, Happl, Heel Fire Johnsons, Hey Soul, Jill Blue, Mamory, Nadaville Movement, Southern Rebel, Werner, Christian label CD
1993 Made In Vienna VIII 1. Wiener Straßenrock´n´Roll Kapelle, Alphahn, Dr., Convoy, Eject, Inner Voice, Marauder, Orth, Joachim, Schönheitsfehler, SOL, Stroppa, Alexander, Taylor, Jeff, vollgekackten Fleischklößchen, Die label CD
1993 Made In Vienna IV Acacia, Andy & The Candies, Cherry Bomb, Domino Voices, Moon 44, Outcry, The, Plea Of Guilty, The (P.O.G.), Shappy Poets, Sine-Ira, Zille 24, Zitherator distribution CD
1993 Made In Vienna V Beatcontrol, Birkenbeat, Deep Thought, Duit, Leberzirrose, Lizzy, Leo, New Edition, The, Partners, The, Se Suiz, Squared Leaves, The label CD
1993 Made In Vienna VII Brothers In Law, Coco, Eclipse, Emcum, Jalopy, Joey Rides, Mamory, No Fashion, OM, Schönheitsfehler, Sweet Revenge label CD
1993 Made In Vienna III Andy & The Candies, Brandnew, Bunker Soldiers, Coconut Groove, Domino Voices, Fallus, Junction Ho, Sad Miller, Whirlpool, Whiteland label CD
1992 Made In Vienna Duit, Duit/Wobo, Papermoon, Point of View, Razak - Schmeisser, Rockstein, Dr., Ruesmend Bluesbend, Teachers Finest label CD
1992 Made In Vienna II Butt, Katrin, Classic Arts, Corazon, Delta J.N.D., Gaudmann, Andreas, Grey, Earl, Herr Wolf, Klavier und Bobby, Das, Peppermint, Puzzlin' Evidenz, Razak - Schmeisser, Whiteland distribution CD
1992 Picnic Razak - Schmeisser label CD-MINI
1991 Signed Happl label 12INCH33
1991 Damn! I´m In Love Again / JFK Point of View label 07INCH45


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