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Plan 9 Trash Records


Rockabilly Record Label - Home of the Schnitzelbilly - Vinyl Recording Service


Name Funktion
Walter J. Friedinger Inhaber


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2020 Schnitzelbilly #6 Rockabilly Made in Austria Balu & Die Surfgrammeln, Bloodline, Crazy Cubes, King D And The Royals of Rhythm label 07INCH33
2020 Pepe - A Tale of Love & Passion Balu & Die Surfgrammeln label 07INCH45
2019 Teenagejuveniledelinquentrocknrollhorrorbeachparty Boom! Boom! Deluxe label 12INCH33, CD
2018 Breadcrumb Beach Balu & Die Surfgrammeln, Dave & The Pussies, Goodhair Brothers, Latent Surfers, The, Sonodrom Express label -
2018 Schnitzelbilly #4 ROCKABILLY MADE IN AUSTRIA Fia Sco & the Majestics, King Luie, Raw-Cats, The, Under The Beltline label 07INCH45
2018 Rockabilly Scrapbook Chilli & The Baracudas, Crazy Cubes label 07INCH33
2017 Schnitzelbilly #3 - Rockabilly made in Austria Attention!, The, Chilli & The Baracudas, Dead Beatz, The, Harry Davidson & The Road Kings label 07INCH33
2017 Sweet'n'Honey Lettners, The label 07INCH33
2017 Dinner With Hemenex Hemenex label CD
2016 Schnitzelbilly - Rockabilly made in Austria #2 Flatcaps, The, Hillside Wranglers, The, Johnny Favourit', Robert Shumy Band, The label 07INCH33
2016 Prison Kate / Tu, Tu, Tu I Love Your BBQ Rockabulls, The label 07INCH45
2016 Forever or Never Rioters, The label CD
2016 Once at the Barber Rockabulls, The label CD
2016 Voodoomagic Rioters, The label CD
2015 Satisfied at All Hillside Wranglers, The label CD
2015 Johnny, oooh Johnny Johnny Favourit' label CD
2015 Schnitzelbilly - Rockabilly made in Austria #1 Crazy Cubes, Hemenex, Rioters, The, Rockabulls, The label 07INCH33
2015 Death Rays (from outer Space) Crazy Cubes label 07INCH33
2014 Mejdchen aus dem All EP Crazy Cubes label 07INCH33
2014 Mejdchen aus dem All Crazy Cubes label CD
2007 Ready Flatcaps, The label CD
2005 Mekonium Rocks Hemenex label CD
- Life Love And The Devil Lettners, The label CD


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TEL 0650 / 714 87 87
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