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Shash Records


Shash (est. 2011) falls between the cracks of glitch and dubstep and everything which is globally in between or worlds apart. The metronome of a music on the pulse of time that needs to be created. A good place for multifaceted and open minded artists who are ready to think widely and to leave the limitations of nation and genre behind. The label is located in Linz (Austria), but the outlook is on the whole world. And it is more about blowing off one`s steam than blowing up the next star. Run by musicians, shash is not only a home to GC (Christian Ghahremanian - ANT, Lowa...) and his musical projects, but also follows a minimalistic strategy to emphasize the music of recommended artists without requiring too many resources.


Name Funktion
Christian «GC» Ghahremanian founder


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2020 Cohabiting Species Abby Lee Tee label 12INCH45
2020 Nebü EP DJ Odd label digital
2019 Nostalgia EP Kensee label digital
2018 Screw Drivers EP Monophobe label 12INCH33
2018 Reed Green EP DJ Odd label digital
2017 Riverside Burrows Abby Lee Tee label 10INCH33
2016 by accident remixes Abby Lee Tee label digital
2016 Throwback Remixes Monophobe label digital
2015 Throwback EP Monophobe label 12INCH33
2014 Flux | Wow & Flutter Dear No label 12INCH33-2
2014 Compilation 03 Dear No, DeeAit, Lowa, Mischmeister M, Stikz & Abby Lee Tee, Valabaluza label digital
2014 GC Nu? GC label CD
2012 Fairy Floss Abby Lee Tee label Digital
2012 Clava EP Stikz label Digital
2012 Since When Lowa label Digital
2012 Mssd Up (Leeux Remake) Leeux, Stikz label Digital
2012 Dub Jamz EP Valabaluza label Digital
2012 Doom Me Tender Doomdubberz label Digital
2012 Compilation One Abby Lee Tee, Chronotpimist, DJ Twang, Doomdubberz, Lowa, Stikz label Digital
2012 Ruhetag EP Chronotpimist label Digital
2011 Stray Cat Remixes Abby Lee Tee label digital
2011 Stray Cat Abby Lee Tee label 12INCH45
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