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Alternative/r Name/n: Music


SM:ARTGUNS is a new LIVE night promoter dedicated to fresh Hip Hop, electronica and all other mind-blowing beat music. The first creative output will be the BEATMAKER producer session hosted at the Fluc, Vienna Praterstern. The main dishes to be served will be beat and bass/synth creations, cooked up and put together by fresh´n´new producers. Producers get the chance to have their own production played, if the track is handed in at the DJ on the night or online via www.soundcloud.com/smartguns/dropbox. Have your track played to the crowd and linger with some people alike. Fresh´n´new beats guaranteed.


Name Funktion
Alexander Schierl -


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2013 Beatmaker Tracks Season #1 Barangatang, Deef, EOAE label MP3
2013 Colors EP Barangatang label Digital
2012 BEATMAKER SESSIONS - Volume 1 Barangatang, Cuticula, Deef, Dina Four, DJ Wax 865, Hausmittel, Kebara, Kiku, Liza Maria, Mekoor, Metaxis, Sergey Sputnick, Super Sen, Versatile, Versatile & MR6, Wandl label CD


Art -
EMAIL info@smartguns.eu
TEL +436607655285
Link Anm.
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