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Crater 8 Records


Name Funktion
Andreas Fennes label management, producing, artist consulting
Benedikt «Bene» Haupt label managment, distibution, promotion
Thomas Wohl label managment, distibution, promotion


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2013 Defining Colours Bionic Babies label CD, Digital
2012 Heats Amoi Her Arlect, The label CD
2012 Ride Of Asgard Blowing Lewinsky, The copyright CD
2012 Pinguin :aexattack label digital
2010 Shadows Of A Lifetime Stupe-It label CD
2009 Naked Bears Bionic Babies label -
2008 Pixton Unicorn *delicious* label CD
2008 Are Bears Bionic Babies label -
2008 Pixton Unicorn Dedicated To label CD
2007 Outside Is Endless Namasté label CD
2006 Gloria Mudfuzz label -
2006 For Promotional Use Only Bastard Peels, Cleave, Comaah, Dedicated To, Namasté label CD-R
2006 Pixton Boy in Trouble *delicious* label -
2005 Fishfuckstuck Bastard Peels distribution CD
2005 Pixton Boy In Trouble Dedicated To label CD
2005 The Beautiful Empty Comaah label CD
2005 L'America Sandmann, Der label CD
2004 Versus Cadaveres De Tortugas label CD
2004 Pluvious Tomorrows Cleave label CD
2003 Lick' Em All... Capsized label CD
2003 Something Going Wrong Tacca Mills label CD
2002 Mudfuzz Mudfuzz copyright CD
- On Your Way My Fearless Friend label CD
- Last Chance Blvd. Delicious Red label -
- Fact Or Pure Fiction She Called Me Giant label -


Artikel Medium Ausgabe Seite Datum Art
Bionicbabies The Gap 93/09 57 Jan. 2009 PLATTENKRITIK


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