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TEMP~Records was founded in 2003 in Austria as collaboration between the organizers of the renowned temp~festival. The concept was to catch the mood and spirit of the festival's music and to provide it permanently. Consequently, TEMP~Records presented different styles of electronic music to their fans. After a break, 2011 TEMP~Records restart again as an independent underground techno/minimal label with more or less the same collective behind. Artists from all over the world are planned for releases, but the main focus is on Austrian artists and to establish a platform to attract the attention they deserve. The musical emphasis is on dubby/techno/minimal/experimental styles with addiction to a trippy, dark and melancholic soul – but ultimately, it's the love for music and the demand for quality in music that we like.


Name Funktion
Patricia «Irradiation, DJ» Enigl head


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2017 Dark Places EP Digilog label digital
2014 Black-Body Radiation Irradiation label digital
2014 Wave Function Irradiation label digital
2014 Quantum Oscillations Irradiation label digital
2011 Catharsis Irradiation label digital
2007 Festival Compilation 2007 1Bomb1Target, 55rnd, Al Haca Soundsystem, Angina P, Brenda, caTekk, Channel f, dB, Digilog, DJ Smi & Tenderboy, Evirgen, Imperomon, Irradiation, Kelvin Raah, Keplinger Universitaet, M.A.R.S., Markus Kienzl, Markus Köhle, Mes, Microman, Momodub vs. Vane, Odd & iRoy, Orjo, Ravissa, Schaua, Sebastian Schlachter, Silly, Soulglo, Staudinger & Schreder, Stefan Kushima, Steinbinder, Karin, Tribbeldam, Tunek label CD-4
2006 Festival Compilation 2006 55rnd, 78plus, Andy Korg, Antielite, De:Con vs. F733, Digilog vs. Irradiation, Dot.Matrix, Electric Indigo, Irradiation, I-Wolf feat. Dälek, Oddatee & Mia Zabelka, IZC, Kilo, Konsorten TM, Manni Montana feat. Dolli Melanie, Mauf, Mes, Metalycée, Mieze Medusa & Tenderboy, Odd & iRoy, Orjo, Ra]va[ge, Ravissa, Schaua, Sonicson, Szely, TNT Jackson, TR, Wipeout label CD-3
2006 Wunschtraum Nr.1 Irradiation label 12INCH33
2006 In Peanuts We Trust EP 550 Rondy label 12INCH33
2006 Realational Digilog label 12INCH33
2005 Oxymoron Kelvin Raah label CD
2004 Music I Believe In Füreder, Marcus label 12INCH33
2004 A Place For Crazy People Irradiation label 12INCH33, CD
2003 My Critical Hertz 550 Rondy label CD


Artikel Medium Ausgabe Seite Datum Art
Das Kollektiv und seine Teile Versorgerin 73 14 März 2007 ARTIKEL
55.rnd Skug 68 27 Sep. 2006 PLATTENKRITIK
Label mit Liebe Falter - Zeitschrift 32/06 59 11. Aug. 2006 ARTIKEL
Wo was passiert City - Stadtzeitung für Wien 24/06 9 16. Juni 2006 ARTIKEL
das knackige reizt Skug 62/05 18 März 2005 ARTIKEL


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