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Coco Records


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2010 2010 - Young Music From Austria Ausgleich, Curt, Ena, Fii, Gerard, Hog Meets Frog, Kleiss, Julian, Magdalena Piatti, Mary Broadcast, Mek MC, Monilla, Nakedaudience, Noise Brigade, Romantic Islands, September Sun, Serve Chilled, Shira, Souldja, Yasmo label CD
2010 Life is Still Beautiful Mary Broadcast label CD
2009 Living Room in London Auer, Christoph Pepe & Manu Delago produced by CD
2009 Life is Beautiful Mary Broadcast distribution CD
2005 Songs For A Sunday Afternoon BLUEBURYme label CD
2003 Live Buccaneers, The label CD
1998 Rude Boy Buccaneers, The label CD