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Interstellar Records schreibt dazu: three guitars and a drumset and no reason to worry, that is all NI needs to save the universe: exorbitant rock that uses musical templates like hula-hoops, free jazz from outer space that is weightlessly moving from countoured noise to bossa nova, playing Johann Sebastian Bach on the body's own substances. the Ni-crew was called up from members of other reckless bands like Tumido, Fang den Berg or Braaz. their first record was published in 2010 on Zach Records. several tours through europe left behind a thrilled and astounded audience. may 2012 they are touring again with their second vinyl "foxtrott" onboard that is beeing released on Interstellar Records. the rather surreal white spacesuit outfits have been replaced by dazzling yellow stretch overalls. along with the matching neon-coloured artwork of the vinyl the whole new appearance is beyond reasoning, high energy that is blindsiding you, just like the music - unconditional, massiv, complex and delicate at the same time. It's lunacy in the last stages. It's a free brain surgery that you will willingly accept with a smile.

Region: Oberösterreich

Genre: Jazz/Avantgarde, Rockmusic/Mathrock


Name Instrumente Von-Bis Anmerkung
Christian «Gigi» Gratt - -
Manuel Mitterhuber - -
Martin «Motz» Flotzinger - -
Tobias Hagleitner - -


Jahr Name Format
2017 Dedoda 12INCH33, CD
2015 Spielraum - Linz Musik 2015 CD-3
2012 Foxtrott 12INCH33
2012 Zach Records Sampler CD
2009 NI 12INCH33


Medium Artikel/Art Datum
Ausgabe: 30, Seite 29
24. Juli 2020
Ausgabe: 04/2016, Seite 30-31
01. Juni 2016
Ausgabe: 136, Seite 16
Dez. 2010
Ausgabe: 30, Seite 20-26
Apr. 2010
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