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Land Of My Youth


Format: 12 inch Vinyl auf 33 UPM, "klassische LP"

Erscheinungsjahr: 1989

Spielzeit: 00:44:29

Code: 850 651



Format Archivplatz
12INCH33 LP-LG003


Nr. Dauer Titel Interpret Text/Musik
A1 00:02:49 King of The Fairies Angels Company trad.
A2 00:02:03 Peggy Nalevin/ Honora My Thousand Treasures Angels Company McCabe/ O´Donoghue
A3 00:03:50 The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies Angels Company trad.
A4 00:02:32 The Tar Road To Slig Jig/ Galway Hornpipe/ Harvest Home Angels Company trad.
A5 00:02:47 I´ll Tell Me Ma Angels Company trad.
A6 00:02:37 Cockles & Mussels Angels Company trad.
A7 00:03:03 Siege of Ennis/ Spanish Lady/ Greenwood Tree/ Bonny Tynside Angels Company trad.
A8 00:02:10 I Know Where I´m Going Angels Company trad.
B1 00:01:47 Speed Teh Plough/ Timour The Tartar Angels Company trad.
B2 00:07:21 The Town I Loved So Well Angels Company Coulter, Martin
B3 00:02:21 Land of My Youth Angels Company trad., Arr. Campbell
B4 00:04:43 Geordie Angels Company trad., Arr. Strobl
B5 00:02:15 Napoleon´s Retreat Angels Company trad.
B6 00:04:11 Sally Gardens Angels Company trad.


Erwähnt Person/Firma/Band Zusätzliche Info
arrangement Angels Company -
distribution Die Mühle Edition Ges.m.b.H. -
label Die Mühle Edition Ges.m.b.H. -
photos Franz Jukl -