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Heinz von Hermann has spent most of his musical life abroad (Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Morocco, Libya, Italy). He has played for almost all international jazz and show business stars (Max Greger, Paul Kuhn, Dizzy Gillespie, Tina Turner, Henry Mancini, Dionne Warwick, Shirley Bassey, Caterina Valente, Paul Anka, Ray Charles, Sammy Davis jr., Uzi Förster, Erich Kleinschuster, ............

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2nd. Trio - - - -
Hermann, Heinz von fl. fl. fl. fl. fl. fl. - - -
Hermann, Heinz von & Jazz Ahead fl. fl. fl. - - -
Hermann, Heinz von Quintett ts. ts. ts. ts. ts. 1996 - -


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Issue: Jg.15/Nr.10, Seite 6
Feb 2000