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Music Pool Austria


Name Funktion
Robert Indra -


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
1990 Forever In Love Bilgeri distribution 12INCH33, CD, MC
1990 Pump Up The Horns Ostinato distribution CD
1988 When A Girl Cries Bilgeri distribution 07INCH45
1987 Missing You Bilgeri distribution 07INCH45
1987 Sayonara Boy / Number One Chart's Jet (Medley) Bilgeri label 07INCH45
1987 Songs Of Love Bilgeri label 12INCH33
1987 Some Girls Are Ladies Bilgeri distribution 07INCH45
1986 3100 St. Pölten Barbecue, Chorea Minor, Electric Youngsters Trio, Kasperltheater, Liquid Darkness, Men´s Club, No Exit, Poison Rose, STP Circle, United Workers, Unity, Windspiel label LP
1986 Take It All Down / Oh What Would You Say Espresso label 07INCH45
1986 Love Is On Your Side / Cool, Cooler Than You Peter Pan distribution 07INCH45
1986 Say/What You Want Espresso distribution 07INCH45
1985 Papa´s Hausband Vol. 1 Papa's Hausband label 12INCH33
1985 A Night In Hippodrome Peter Pan distribution 07INCH45
1985 Naschmarkt Incognito label LP
1985 Slowwalker Ostinato label LP
1984 Maracuja uja Incognito label LP
1983 Cuba/Rio Jaritz, Nicos Ensemble label LP
1983 Gmoatrommler Gmoatrommler label 12INCH33
- Days In Paradise Stonehenge label 12INCH33


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