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Free Fall Records Ltd.


Name Funktion
Michael «Stootsie» Steinitz Boss


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2014 Go Or Run Mayr, Mel label 12INCH33, CD
2012 King Street Mayr, Mel label 12INCH33, CD
2010 Escape The Cold Mel copyright CD
2010 Escape The Cold Mayr, Mel label CD
2008 Changing Mel copyright CD
2006 Let Go Drumfree label -
2005 Favourite Christmas Songs Seesaw, The label CD
2004 Generation Love Seesaw, The label CD
2002 After Sunset Seesaw, The label CD
2000 I´m In Trouble Seesaw, The distribution CD
1999 On My Own Seesaw, The label CD
1998 One Too Far Seesaw, The label CD
1998 Bigbossanovapop Norma Jean label CD
1997 Live! Jason & die Argonauten label CD
1997 Seltoc Girl Shelly label CD
1996 Good Morning Mr. Feedback Jekyl & Hyde Park Band, The distribution CD
1996 Girl On The Phone Seesaw, The label CD
1995 Swallow Embryo´s Journey distribution CD
1994 Legalize Brain Bone label CD
1994 Perfect Sensation PH Value label CD
1993 In The Lovecage Seesaw, The label CD
1993 Please Or Release Me Mendocino Quartett, The label CD
1992 God' s Call Fast Last Circus label 12INCH33
1992 Love Revisited Seesaw, The label 12INCH33, CD
1991 Mercy! Beat Seesaw, The label CD
1991 Inside Foolish Past label CD
- The Extended Play Years 1996-2000 Seesaw, The label CD


Art -
TEL +43/664/1023842
FAX +43/662/824824
EMAIL theseesaw@hotmail.com
EMAIL stootsie@theseesaw.at
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