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Noise Park Activities


DIY Label mit Hang zum Experimentellen, Noise, Grind, Hardcore, ... Viele internationale Interpreten


Name Funktion
Andreas Christian Haslauer CEO


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
2011 Taming The Willows Jardin D'Hiver distribution CD-R
2011 And Now Amable label CD
2010 A Beautiful Lotus/Melted Cassettes/Wet Dreams - Split A Beautiful Lotus, Melted Cassettes, Wet Dreams artwork CD-MINI
2010 Kid, just letting you know, we are doing it again! Fucking Werewolf Asso label CD-MINI
2010 Looks Like &%! 3 Amaget distribution CD
2010 Noise Again Fabiorosho label CD
2010 DNA Pornoheft artwork MC30
2010 Tape Bellows artwork MC
2010 Dental Work / Grim Kirby - Split Grim Kirby distribution CD
2010 Mal D'Or and The Firetroniks/ Grim Kirby - Split Tape Grim Kirby distribution MC
2010 Grim Kirby / Swin Deorin - Split Grim Kirby distribution MC
2010 Tripping Trees / Grim Kirby - Split Grim Kirby, Tripping Trees artwork CD-R
2010 Tape Amaget, Apes Fight Back artwork MC30
2010 Dreamland 3000 Grim Kirby artwork SONDER
2010 D.Nye / Grim Kirby - Split d.nye, Grim Kirby artwork SONDER
2010 Hunt For Yoshi/Abstract Artimus - Split Abstract Artimus, Hunt For Yoshi, The artwork CD-MINI
2010 Boar / Grim Kirby - Split Boar, Grim Kirby artwork CD-R
2009 One Half Magic/ Grim Kirby - Split Grim Kirby, One Half Magic artwork CD-MINI
2009 Umbrellas In The Rain Umbrellas In The Rain artwork CD-R
2009 Tape Neon Navajo artwork MC30
2009 Super Awesome Hardcore Music Album Forever A Beautiful Lotus, They All Had Tentacles label CD-R
2009 Demo Apes Fight Back label CD
2009 A Beautiful Lotus/ They All Had Tentacles - Split A Beautiful Lotus, They All Had Tentacles artwork CD
2009 2 Ep Tape P.U.T. artwork MC
2009 Tape Bolt artwork MC
2009 Boar/ Endometrium Cuntplow/ Sloppy Seconds/ Grim Kirby - Split Boar, Endometrium Cuntplow, Grim Kirby artwork CD
2009 Demo мища artwork cd
2009 Dotåbåtå Dotåbåtå artwork CD-MINI
2009 They All Had Tentacles They All Had Tentacles artwork CD
2009 D.Nyye/ Dental Work/ Dzlav - Split d.nye artwork CD
2009 Dot Matrix with Jazz Sound Grim Kirby artwork CD-MINI
2009 Again (Part3) Wser artwork CD
2008 A Beautiful Lotus/ Grim Kirby - Split A Beautiful Lotus, Grim Kirby label CD
2008 Breakdancing Ronald Reagan/ Grim Kirby - Split Grim Kirby artwork CD-R
2008 Akuma Daikon / Grim Kirby ‎– Split Grim Kirby artwork CD-R
2008 Waddle Dee/ Grim Kirby - Split Grim Kirby, Waddle Dee artwork CD
2008 For A Device Rosemary Malign distribution CD-R
2008 Dead Rabbit Wser artwork CD-R
2008 Scene.Decoder.Ring A Beautiful Lotus distribution CD-MINI
2008 Super Sonic Suicides Endometrium Cuntplow distribution CD-R
2008 Grim Kirby / Kinky Cinch / Zebra Mu - Split Grim Kirby, Kinky Cinch, Zebra Mu distribution CD-R
2008 Boar / Buzzardhawk - Split Boar, Buzzardhawk distribution CD
2008 Lundi Tramb artwork CD
2008 Ayuyu Ayuyu artwork CD
2008 Les Trucs Les Trucs artwork CD-MINI
2008 Morbus Meniére Prcls artwork CD-R
2008 Colossloth Colossloth artwork CD-R
2007 Dreamland 2 Grim Kirby distribution SONDER
- Tape N.S.B. label MC
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