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Look Out


Die Firma schreibt sich auch !Look Out! !Look Out! is a division of Phoebus Music Group


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
1998 Made In Vienna Vol. 17 Adrenalin, Alexa, Traude, Contempt, Drunken Angels, Irony Of Fate, Open Road, Saliva, Sheep Found Guilty, Stainless, T. Phoebe Alexa, Wild Element label CD
1997 Made In Vienna Vol. 16 Black Art, Dolce Vita, La, Fake, Kevin, Tom, Lizard, M., Christof, Megiddon, Potatoes Company, Sunburst Flowers, Wild Element label CD
1995 Made In Vienna Vol. 14 Black Frame, Chimera, Cockroach, Complizen, Die, Gürtelrosi, Little Green Man, Mad Peppper, W.C. Feat. Mister F. label CD
1995 451 S.F.M.D. Plea Of Guilty, The (P.O.G.) label CD
1994 Made In Vienna IX 2´nd Wind, Adam, Bödl, Martin, Davenport, Gideon, Nameless, Nordrand Unlimited, Out of Touch, Sonority, Tender To The Tiger, Ziegler - Leitner, Barbara distribution CD
1994 She Does it All Tender To The Tiger distribution CD
1994 Gonna Get Away Nameless label CD