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Arton Records


Jahr Titel Künstler Erwähnt für Format
1992 Art Famely - Take The Best Volume 2 Age & Orange, Big Heat, Chamaeleon, Echo, The, Fast Last Circus, Flash, Foolish Past, Jekyl & Hyde Park Band, The, Seesaw, The, TA Rock, Thirteen, Torso, White Cut label CD
1992 Pinky Pinkshark Face 2 Face label CD
1992 All I Need Face 2 Face label CD
1991 Art Family Project - Take The Best Be Stagg, Blue Tommies, Brother Django, Catch up Boys, Face 2 Face, Isis Noreia, Kleins, The, Lazy Bones, Outlaw, Pears, The distribution CD
1991 Take The Best And Leave The Rest Pears, The label CD
1991 Jonny / Driven Out Pears, The label SI