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Turn A Blind Eye


"Turn a blind eye was found around Spring 2011 by Mikey, Rich, P, Angelo and Mani, some dudes who wanted to bring some spice to the Hardcore Scene of their hometown. In 2012 they separated from Mani, because of in-band problems and decided to look for a new Vocalist. That's how Muzi happend to join the Band. In a very short time new songs with metal, mosh, d-beat punk and melodic parts were written. All different genres show the diversity of music tastes of the members of TABE. To complete the songs, lyrics about politics, society and animal-rights were written which reflect the band's view-point on the world!"

Region: Oberösterreich

Genre: Hardcore/Crust, Hardcore


Name Instrumente Von-Bis Anmerkung
Martina «Muzi» Pöchtrager Stimme - -
«Angelo» Schlagzeug - -
«Mikey» E-Gitarre - -
«P» E-Bass - -
«Rich» E-Gitarre - -


Jahr Name Format
2018 Ann And Pat. Recording Sessions 2012 CD