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Triple Unit


Having noticeable succes with Smiler, their singer/songwriter and guitarplayer Pepo Meia quit the band in April 2000 of some personally reasons. Knowing there is no replacement, the remaining bandmembers tried first to find a singer/guitarplayer to keep Smiler alive. After month of searching and jamming, they decided to play some instrumental-music as it works in the rehearsals. Triple Unit was born. Based on their musical roots which are of course Rock, but also Blues and Jazz, Triple Unit is working very hard to hit the stages again. Instrumental music is hard to play - but with three individualists all together as they are that's TRIPLE UNIT. (bandinfo 05/01)

Formiert: 2001

Region: Wien

Genre: Rockmusic


Name Instrumente Von Bis Anmerkung
Günther Schier eb. 2001 - -
Harald «Harry» Bruckner dr. 2001 2001 -
Harry «El» Fischer guit. 2001 - -


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Günther Schier -
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Triple Unit -


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EMAIL tripleunit@chello.at