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Jubilee 2004 - A Rattlesnake Vienna / Enemy Collaboration  

Jubilee 2004 - A Rattlesnake Vienna / Enemy Collaboration


internationale Punk/Ska/HC-Compilation um das Rattlesnake in Wien zu feiern; nichtösterreichische Gratulanten u.a.: Maxeen (USA), The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (USA), Gino's Eyeball (B), Tribute To Nothing (UK), 5Bugs (D), Brigàd (HU), Jupiter Jones (D), Forty Winks (I), Hétköznapi Csalódások (HU), Horace Pinker (USA), Capsized (D), Snuff (UK), Tpunkterror (D), The Suicide Machines (USA), The Casualties (USA), Slick Shoes (USA), Vanilla Sky (I)


year of publication



CD-3 2004 - -


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT  
1-0100:02:07Stay HomeRandom-.
1-0200:03:37Rocky Horror FreakshowSkeptic Eleptic-.
1-0400:04:09All About CommitmentNo More Encore-.
1-0500:01:46The Red TapeRedlightsflash RLF-.
1-0600:03:39You Aren't My FriendPBH Club-.
1-0700:03:01In DirectionPetticoats, The-.
1-0900:03:23Horses Are Light ManiacsY Rebellion-.
1-1000:03:05Your SummerWitty Rabbits-.
1-1100:02:2612 Feet 10Beat Brats-.
1-1400:01:28Primitiv und lautChuzpe-.
1-1500:03:30My Bleeding SoulNowise Nice-.
1-1600:02:06Media ShockExceed Excess-.
1-1800:03:42My ValentineMentally Disturbed-.
2-0100:02:49Riot In My HeadPlaypunk-.
2-0200:03:37Am I Wrong?Litter Basket-.
2-0300:02:55Face The Facts100% Meskalin-.
2-0400:01:50Hallow The HellBöslinge, Die-.
2-0500:02:58Vienna Chainsaw Massacre3 Feet Smaller-.
2-0600:03:32FcfThrilla In Manila-.
2-0700:03:46Silver Shiny ShoesAsstronauts, The-.
2-0800:03:22Veils In The DarknessStrong Volition-.
2-1000:03:50ToyMy Manner-.
2-1300:03:13Catch You When You FallDaltonz-.
2-1700:01:04Happy Stolid LifeSnuh-.
2-1800:03:19Center AntmanFight Your Fear-.
2-2100:03:12Pop Punk PartyHalitosis-.
3-0100:03:49WellPain Inc.-.
3-0200:02:56Joey Went HomePsy 9-.
3-0300:02:06Enemy Of The StateEccos, The-.
3-0400:02:22Unintentional SoldierSadirrity-.
3-0500:01:48Out Of DaysGogets, The-.
3-0600:02:52Obsession KillsAstpai-.
3-0700:03:01Break OffSupercoil-.
3-0800:03:22Red Or SmallCompiled-.
3-1000:02:08Mein PaktPikestaff-.
3-1100:03:46Just Visiting Lunar CityHSD-.
3-1400:03:12Irak (Versuch 2)Lükopodium-.
3-1500:03:20Dirty, Fast & FuriousLos Deepest-.
3-1600:03:25Breathing UnderwaterAs Final Killjoy-.
3-1700:03:07Summer SelloutSide Effect-.
3-1900:03:32Torn ApartLurid Lishaped-.
3-2000:01:49How I Am (live)Oikoleros, The-.
3-2200:02:25Österreich der ContainerSaponaria Officinalis-.


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labelRattlesnake Records Vienna-