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Es Chaos is die Botschaft! Es Wurtschtln es II  

Es Chaos is die Botschaft! Es Wurtschtln es II


The second compilation of ES CHAOS IS DIE BOTSCHAFT! ES WURSCHTLN ES! by LUZIPRAK RECORDS of Vienna contents some austrian Proto Punk and Punk Rock from the first generation, including some rare & some unreleased Punk influenced Powerpop, Trash Rock, New Wave and No Wave stuff between 1978 and 1984.


year of publication



12INCH33 2010 - -


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT  
A1-Crazy PoliceScooter-.
A2-Ich sprenge alle KettenWilli Warma-.
A3-I Found OutTom Pettings Hertzattacken-.
A4-Der weiße RumNull Komma Nichts-.
A5-TenebraeRPB Rock'n'Poetry Band-.
A6-Sex in der StadtHotel Morphila Orchester-.
A7-Mein KampfCommercials-.
A8-Robert DamiensKillroy-.
B1-One Million BarrelsIntimspray-.
B2-Keine AhnungFrontal-.
B3-Sweet Little GirlExcalibur-.
B4-Der letzte Dreck von WienDirt Shit-.
B5-Cold LoveCadillac-.
B6-Pumperl gehtÖmö-.
B7-Take Me As I AmBlack Veil-.
B8-Fang anX-Beliebig-.


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labelLuziprak Records-