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First Decade 1994-2004  

First Decade 1994-2004


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CD 2004 01:15:55 -


Format Archivplatz
CD K05R03


track no. length title text/music MT  
0100:03:34Don't Speak So Sweet (New)P. Legat, A. Janoska jun./ K. Smith.
0200:03:48Is It RealP. Legat/ P. Legat.
0300:04:09Joy, Peace & HappinessP. Legat/ P. Legat.
0400:04:28Where Did Our Love GoP. Legat/ K. Smith.
0500:03:44SomedayJehan II/ W. Wunder.
0600:05:53Moving in The Right DirectionK. Pitts, J. Lock/ K. Pitts, A. Corlis.
0700:04:32ML in The SunshineP. Legat.
0800:03:47Call My NameP. Legat/ K. Smith.
0900:04:21Licence to KillN. M. Walden, J. Cohen, J. Barry, W. Afanasieff, L. Bricusse, A. Newley.
1000:03:46All Time HighP. Legat/ L. Kieran.
1100:03:41I'm Not Afraid (New)P. Legat, A. Janoska jun./ K. Smith.
1200:04:24Ain't You Had EnoughJ. Nile/ J. Nile, K. Smith.
1300:04:08Joy and Pain (US Radio Edit)F. Beverly.
1400:03:50So CloseP. Legat/ P. Legat.
1500:03:15You Send Me (New)P. Legat, A. Janoska jun./ K. Smith.
1600:04:13I'm Loving YouJehan II/ W. Wunder.
1700:05:34Jazz in The HouseP. Legat/ L. Kieran.
1800:04:48Got to Do (Live)P. Legat/ P. Legat, W. Wunder.


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photosGünther Parth-
labelSony Music Entertainment Austria GmbH-
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