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Aaron Zauner


"george clooney of supercomputing, unsung hero of automation, templar extraordinaire, international playboy of telepathic remote execution, PHP persona non grata, man of taste, alcoholic excelsior. the chinese fear him. the north koreans adore him. was embargoed by iran. hunted by the a-team. has been given 11 passports by nations jealous of his wealth and power. brief stint as southern american dictator. idi amins former pen pal. RMS buys his closed-source products. hides biggie and tupac in the cellar of a mansion on his private island that no cartographer ever dared to map. inventor of the magic bullet. NSA access-all-areas.

also: self employed engineer for large scale infrastructure, HPC and information security. did front and backend development in the past, spent a lot of time in data centers and auditing code/networks and systems."

plays in

band instruments from to note