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Reinhard «Bux» Brunner




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M.G. Firebugproduced by--
10 nach 9remix--
Bridgemastered by--
Bridgemixed by--
To The Backboneproduced by--
Space Aquariumproduced by--
Dive´n´Raveproduced by--
Dive´n´Rave - Radio Editproduced by--
Bulletproofproduced by--
Frontline Terrorsoundproduced by--
Klaus Gesing and Glauco Venier Play Songsproduced by--
Our favourite filmsongsmastered by--
George Crumbarrangement--
Maultrommel Mollnarrangement--
Orange Pekoearrangement--
Radiomastered by--
Radiomixed by--
Réflexions Sur La Bohèmeproduced by--
As It Isproduced by--
Dog's Dinnerproduced by--
Dog's Dinnermastered by--
Introspectionproduced by--
Dedicationsmastered by--
Swingin' Christmasmastered by--
Swingin' Christmasmixed by--
Wie Auch Immermastered by--
Wir san do ned zum Spaßmixed by--
Jazzmussweg!mastered by--
Ohne Musik Wäre Das Leben Ein Irrtummastered by--
Ohne Musik Wäre Das Leben Ein Irrtummixed by--
Obsessionproduced by--
Obsessionmastered by--
Obsessionmixed by--
Doing Some Rock n Rollproduced by--
Doing Some Rock n Rollmastered by--
Doing Some Rock n Rollmixed by--
Französische Versuchung - Tentationmastered by--
Wein, Weib und Gesangmixed by--
Talltones 2mastered by--
Talltones 2mixed by--
Coffin Shipproduced by--
Coffin Shipmixed by--
Schwoazweismixed by--
Pianocrashmastered by--
Pianocrashmixed by--
Eleven Songsproduced by--
Eleven Songsmastered by--
Eleven Songsmixed by--
Dive 'n' Raveproduced by--
Dive 'n' Ravemastered by--
Dive 'n' Ravemixed by--
Out & Acrossmastered by--
Die Zeit Ist Reifproduced by--
Die Zeit Ist Reifmastered by--
Die Zeit Ist Reifmixed by--
AllOneproduced by--
AllOnemastered by--
AllOnemixed by--
NirwAkiaproduced by--
Wegemastered by--
Sounds & Dependenciesmastered by--
Sounds & Dependenciesmixed by--
In the Spirit of Hans Kollermastered by--
In the Spirit of Hans Kollermixed by--
Never Reach The Endmastered by--
Somewhere Out In WonderlandguestmusicianProgramming, Snare Drum bei Track Nr.12-
KruzineserguestmusicianHard Disco Percussion-
George Crumb Trioartwork--
George Crumbartwork--
Ohne Musik Wäre Das Leben Ein Irrtumco-produced--


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