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Florian Widhalm

plays in

band instruments from to note
B Seiten Soundkey., Theremin, Bells---
Barefoot BasementSousaphon, viol.---
Rocksteady Conspiracy, The-20132014-


release mentioned for comments  
Wut und Disziplinmixed by--
When Was The Last Time Vol. 1mixed by--
Wean hean Volume 11 - Das Wienerliedfestivalmastered by--
Wean hean Volume 10 - Das Wienerliedfestivalmastered by--
MZK#001mastered by--
Sambamastered by--
Sambamixed by--
Wean hean Volume 12 - Das Wienerliedfestivalmastered by--
When Was The Last Time Vol. 1mastered by--
Dekadenzproduced by--
Dekadenzmixed by--
Ottos Mopsmastered by--
Ottos Mopsmixed by--
Rush For Second Placeguestmusician--
DekadenzguestmusicianSousaphon + Keyboard Track 3, Geige Track 7-