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Jupp Prenn

plays in

band instruments from to note
Trabitsch, Klaus und Freundevoc.--Tontechnik


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Best of yodelmixed by--
Cosmic Twigmastered by--
Zwanz'gmixed by--
Zwanz'gmastered by--
Reflexionenmixed by--
Jetztproduced by--
Jetztmixed by--
Schneesandproduced by--
Nuors IIproduced by--
Cosmic Twigmixed by--
Gefälschte Hochlandrinder. Eher Vereinzelt.mastered by--
Tai Chillproduced by--
Tai Chillmixed by--
Tai Chillguestmusician--
Ned Weit WegguestmusicianPfeifen-
Äs chönnti alls ganz anders sii...guestmusicianSamples-
Luftdeppertguestmusiciansound, percussion-