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Kassian Troyer

plays in

band instruments from to note
Grentzfurten Bigband---technician


release mentioned for comments  
Onionoisemastered by--
Green Albummastered by--
Play the Far East Suite by Duke Ellingtonmastered by--
Songs For Williammastered by--
Sum Summastered by--
in Streamsmastered by--
Lovely Objectsmastered by--
Songs for William 2mastered by--
Meets Georg Blaschke: Somatic Soundtracksmastered by--
Leap 005mastered by--
Winelight EPmastered by--
Cambodiaproduced by--
Cambodiamixed by--
Hey Translatorsmastered by--
Gizickimastered by--
Gizickimixed by--
Leap 006mastered by--
Lounge Musicsmastered by--