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Wolfgang «spani» Spannberger

plays in

band instruments from to note
Exposé Tonvoc., eb., key., samples, programming---
X-Packeb., voc.1994--


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Fönproduced byco-producer-
The Monk's Progressproduced by--
The Monk's Progressmixed by--
Tradproduced byco-producer-
Schlafes Brudermixed by--
Especially Tonight - Liveproduced by--
In Zeiten wie diesenarrangement--
I Fiacht Mi Vor'm Friseurmastered by--
I Fiacht Mi Vor'm Friseurmixed by--
Considerably Reducedmastered by--
Schanzn freimixed by--
Filmmusikmixed by--
Refurnish My Heartmastered by--
Different Feelingsmastered by--
InexilguestmusicianBaß, Samplerprogramme-