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Werner Angerer

plays in

band instruments from to note
Busdriver´s Kingguit.---
Moranga Projectvoc., programming, guit.---
DU (Band)voc.---
Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band Nouvelle Cuisine Electric Big BandSopraninosaxophon---

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Busdriver´s King-


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Willkommen im Klub der Erträglichenproduced by--
Uarrgh 2mastered by--
Uarrgh 2mixed by--
SALESNY/SCHABATA/PREUSCHL + Herbert Joosproduced by--
SALESNY/SCHABATA/PREUSCHL + Herbert Joosmastered by--
SALESNY/SCHABATA/PREUSCHL + Herbert Joosmixed by--
Bernd Satzinger`s Wurschtsemmerlmixed by--
König der Krötenmixed by--
Überrascht?produced by--
Überrascht?mastered by--
Überrascht?mixed by--
Gloamingmastered by--
Gloamingmixed by--
Verdrehtmastered by--
Verdrehtmixed by--
Boulazacmastered by--
Boulazacmixed by--
Strawberry Kissesproduced by--
Strawberry Kissesmastered by--
Strawberry Kissesmixed by--
The Neatpickersproduced by--
In meina Wödmastered by--
In meina Wödmixed by--
Pictures At An Exhibitionmastered by--
Offtimemastered by--
Ich Wünsch Mir Zum Geburtstag Einen Vorderzahnmixed by--
Elegandmixed by--
Play Deadproduced by--
Play Deadmixed by--
Live at Porgy & Bess Viennaproduced by--
Live at Porgy & Bess Viennamastered by--
Live at Porgy & Bess Viennamixed by--
Jazzwerkstatt Podcastmastered by--
Jazzwerkstatt Podcastmixed by--
Around The Worldmastered by--
Around The Worldmixed by--
White Elephantsmixed by--
Durch die Wüstemixed by--
Felician Erlenburgs Erlenblowproduced by--
Felician Erlenburgs Erlenblowmixed by--
Stanleys Nightmareproduced by--
Stanleys Nightmaremastered by--
Stanleys Nightmaremixed by--
Hermannologymixed by--
Gravity Pointproduced by--
Gravity Pointmastered by--
Gravity Pointmixed by--
AOEO Soundtrackmastered by--
AOEO Soundtrackmixed by--
Ich Binmixed by--
At Homeproduced by--
At Homemastered by--
At Homemixed by--
Always Blueproduced by--
Hyperdriveproduced by--
Hyperdrivemastered by--
Hyperdrivemixed by--
Tales Never Toldmixed by--
Hug Boxmastered by--
Hug Boxmixed by--
Export - Importmastered by--
Export - Importmixed by--
Departureproduced by--
Departuremastered by--
Departuremixed by--
Sensibilityproduced by--
Sensibilitymixed by--
Words And Numbersmastered by--
At The Age Of Six I Wanted To Be A Cookproduced by--
Lavaproduced by--
Lavamastered by--
Lavamixed by--
Brick By Brickmixed by--
Getting Out Of The Envelopesmastered by--
Lawn of Lovemastered by--
Lawn of Lovemixed by--
Lawn of Loverecorded by--
Walking Thoughtsmastered by--
Walking Thoughtsmixed by--
Pantomastered by--
Pantomixed by--
Sau Nicemixed by--
Mingus without Bass, Monk Without Hatmastered by--
Mingus without Bass, Monk Without Hatmixed by--
The Waltz or Our Hundred Kidsproduced by--
The Waltz or Our Hundred Kidsmastered by--
The Waltz or Our Hundred Kidsmixed by--
Too Big to Failmastered by--
Too Big to Failmixed by--
Duffin'produced by--
Duffin'mixed by--
Rote Weltmastered by--
Rote Weltmixed by--
Dominoproduced by--
Dominomixed by--
The Stage Band Recordingsmastered by--
The Stage Band Recordingsmixed by--
Stuffproduced by--
Stuffmastered by--
Stuffmixed by--
The Time We Needmastered by--
The Time We Needmixed by--
Black and White Café EPmastered by--
National Emergencymastered by--
National Emergencymixed by--
National Emergencyrecorded by--
>:<mastered by--
Der kleine Luxusmastered by--
Der kleine Luxusmixed by--
Travellers, Dreamers and Someone like Meguestmusicianrecording,mix,handclapping-
Willkommen im Klub der Erträglichenguestmusiciangitarre, keyboards, programming, gesang-
Free Lunchco-produced--
Maohl's Giftco-produced--


company function
Acoustic Art Studios-