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Elektromotor Sunday  

Elektromotor Sunday - 

Am 27. Mai gibt sich "A Guy Called Gerald" in der Grellen Forelle die Ehre! Unterstützt wird er von den Houztekk'ern Patrick Pulsinger, M-FX (beide im "Club"), Uciel, Nutrasweet und Trigger (das Trio bespielt die "Kitchen"). Los gehts ab 23 Uhr bei 14 Euronen Eintritt. HAVE FUN!

Facts zu "A Guy Called Gerald": "Where do you start with A Guy Called Gerald? A hidden gem, the gateway between Chicago house / Detroit Techno and the UK dance music explosion in the late 80s. He is one of a few special producers who entered dance music in the jacking zone. He is the first UK acid house producer and probably the first producer to have two instrumental dance tracks in the UK charts at the same. His collaborations stem from Frankie Knuckles, Goldie, Finley Quaye and Derrick May through to Herbie Hancock, remixed for David Bowie, Lamb, Stone Roses, Black Uhuru, Can, Tricky, Roman Fluegel and The Orb and toured with New Order, Tricky and Bebel Gilberto."

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