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Diknu Schneeberger Trio - The Spirit Of Django

Diknu Schneeberger Trio


The Spirit Of Django - City Park Records

Text: NoŽl Akchotť | 12.07.2010
I am not always sure anymore that the Django open reference is a plus for all
productions. Of course it allows fans and afficionados to recognize the file quickly
but it may drew to an halt all the other ones. Diknu Schneeberger is an excellent player, way up most of the usual archetypal guitarists in the now galore genre. He
speaks, tells, flies in the idiom and much further it's common understanding. This is
a just music and pure guitar album, with sustained origins and influences rather than
another Ľlatchodrom loungeę for summer barbecue. I am actually surprised this isn't
worldwide released on an american label like Concord Jazz or such. Of course his
technique is fabulous but he uses it to develope mainly strong choruses and raise
each note like it would be a part of himself. A true voice, a wonderful player, a top
 rate album.

Text: NoŽl Akchotť | 12.07.2010

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