Musiktank MQ: Melville

17 TV Themes (2005)
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01 Serrault
02 Tundra
03 Dis-Dance
04 Buona Notte, Cosa Nostra
05 Spy-Theme
06 Tina Muskegon
07 Fu Manchu
08 Petite Vie Solitaire
09 Mexican Fare
10 Emma Peel Prayer-Book
11 De Roubaix
12 A Strange Light¿
13 Disco-Planet-Propaganda
14 L'Affaire Amusante
15 Cocoon
16 About Running With Closed Eyes
17 The Exit Door Leads In
18 Petit Déjeuner Avec Le Chapelier (Remake by Bernd Heinrauch)
19 Toundra (Remake by Jürgen Hofbauer)
20 Comme Ci Comme Ca (Remake by Binder & Krieglstein)
21 Buona Notte, Cosa Nostra II (Remake by Kaplan)
22 Agent Story (Remake by Secret)
23 Le Voyage De Tina M. (Remake by Ignaz Oreschitz)
24 Fu Manchu Light (Remake by Posch)
25 A Petite Remix (Remake by Philipp Pluhar)
26 Exit (Mellow Remake by Gottfried Krienzer)
27 Vainly Love Emma Peel (Remake by Reflector)
28 L'enfer Du Nord (Ducks On Bikes Remake by Kallabris)
29 A Light Strange (Remake by Peter Plessas)
30 Die Mendelschen Regeln (Remake by Dorit Chrysler)
31 L'Affaire De Coeur (Remake by Christian Masser)
32 ... And Very Soon (Remake by Luxus)
33 Fallen In Love (Remake by Marufura Fufunjiru)
34 While About To Leave (Remake by Dr. Nachtstrom)
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