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One Million Records


year title artist mentioned for format
1989Time Is The Killer / Please Don´tBrüder, Dielabel07INCH45
1989Breach of Faith / No More ComplaintsBrüder, Dielabel07INCH45
1988Time Is The KillerBrüder, Dielabel12INCH33
1988I Care Too Much / Live TomorrowBrüder, Dielabel07INCH45
1988Your Face Is A City / Give Me Your BlessingBrüder, Dielabel07INCH45
1988I Care Too MuchBrüder, Dielabel12INCH45
1987Trying To Remember How To ForgetBrüder, Dielabel12INCH33
1987All Those Years / One Last Ray of SunshineBrüder, Dielabel07INCH45