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Ton um Ton


CD Reissues, Independent, LP Rarities !
Specialised In Trading Beat, Psychedelic, Progressive, Alternative Country, Pop & Rock !


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Reinhardt BuglRarities & Research
Sandro Di DolcettiLP Shop
Kurt StrommerCD Shop


year title artist mentioned for format
2007Hey Jules & Little ManSubcandies, Thelabel07INCH45
1988Tear of RescuePassepartoutlabel, distribution12INCH33
1988Lance the EnsembleAstaronlabel12INCH45
1988Hang On / Live in HeavenPassepartoutdistribution, label07INCH45
1988Take Me (I Want To Be A Child Again)Wastelanddistribution, label12INCH45
1988The HooperChuzpedistribution, label07INCH45
1988Boys Are Bound To Be Free! / Maybe She`s RightLosers, Thedistribution, label07INCH45
1988Satan Takes A Holyday / You Go To My HeasVenusdistributionSI
1988Bis zum End´ vom Sturm / Net für miSchlechte Verliererdistribution, labelSI
1988The Decade of DecayRon(ni) UrinidistributionLP
1988Pig BloodFetish 69label07INCH45
1987AstaronAstarondistribution, label12INCH33
1987Nothing Special / Where Is The MoneyGanslingerdistribution07INCH45
1987Molto Brutto 2Molto Bruttodistribution12INCH33
1987Who Needs PeopleLosers, Thedistribution, label12INCH33
1987The 3rd Man, Viennav.a.distribution12INCH33
1987Dark RoomsGilligan, RobertdistributionLP
1987The RazorbladeRazorblade, Thedistribution, labelLP
1986Speed BeatPassengers, Thedistribution, label12INCH45
1986Red Roses Day / Last MondayPriests, ThelabelSI
1985Running StreamRunning Streamlabel, distribution12INCH33
1985Paranoid Fears In A Concrete WorldTimeshiftlabel, distributionMX
1985Paranoid Fears in a Concrete WorldTimeshiftlabel07INCH45
1984Dance The Beat / The Fall of EuropeTimeshiftdistribution, label07INCH45
1984Smoke Gets In My MindVogue, Thedistribution, label12INCH33
198400 TimeBizarre Ko Ko Kodistribution12INCH33
1983Aus den Kellern der NachtUrini, Ronnie & Die Letzten Poetenlabel, distribution12INCH33
1983Beluschistan-Alte Liebe / Sommer-SchokoladeAußer Atemdistribution, label07INCH33
1983Bardolini SongsBakadidistribution12INCH33
1981A Doll Spits CubesVogue, Thedistribution, label12INCH33
-When You Come / That´s Not JazzWell Cyrildistribution, label07INCH45
-Child of Sunrise, Creature of The Moon/Venus of The Twilight ZoneUrini, Ronnie & Die Letzten Poetendistribution, label07INCH45
-Live From New York CityRon(ni) UrinidistributionLP

press items

article medium issue page date
Dullers klingende Welt - Die kleinen und die BösenFalter - Zeitschrift26/97-27. jun 1997
Tachinieren, aber richtigFalter - Zeitschrift40/90-5. okt 1990
Aufgetaute LieblingeFalter - Zeitschrift35/89-sep 1989
Übriges WienFalter - Zeitschrift29/87-17. jul 1987
Neue Platten: TimeshiftWiener10/85-okt 1985




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