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existiert nicht mehr, gehört seit 03/1999 zu Universal Music


year title artist mentioned for format
1998I Won´t Let The Sun Go DownKirimanlabelCD
1998Make U HappyInto FacesdistributionCD
1998Master SeriesWilfrieddistributionCD
1998Master SeriesBaum, AndydistributionCD
1998FeschDRP - Das rhythmische PrinzipdistributionCD
1998Don´t Tell Me Lies / Terrible LoveInto FacesdistributionCD
1998MetatronB.B.S., DJ & DJ Andy B.labelCD
1998MillenniumFendrich, RainhardlabelCD
1997You Are My SunshineKirimanlabel, distributionCD
1997Penekle PoneklMcScotslabel, distributionCD
1997ParadiesEichhornlabel, distributionCD
1997Unexpected Ways - M Concerto For Voice And SilenceVienna Art OrchestralabelCD
1997Quiet Ways - BalladsVienna Art OrchestradistributionCD
1997Powerful Ways - Nine Immortal Non Evergreens For Eric DolphyVienna Art OrchestradistributionCD
1997Bis in EwigkeitJessicadistributionCD
1997ModeratoB.B.S., DJ & DJ Andy B.label, distributionCD
1997Damma-DamB.B.S., DJ & DJ Andy B.label, distributionCD
1997Keep Your Dream AliveInto Faceslabel, distributionCD
1997Just Another YearNo Fearlabel, distributionCD
1997Die größten Hits aus 20 JahrenWilfriedlabel, distributionCD
1996Music by Randy NewmanDeinboek, Helidistribution, labelCD
1996Die größten Hits aus 10 JahrenOstbahn-Kurti & Die ChefpartiedistributionCD
1996Die größten Hits aus 15 JahrenSTSdistributionCD
1996VAO Plays For Jean CocteauVienna Art OrchestradistributionCD
1996Roots & FruitsPuschnig, WolfgangdistributionCD-2
1995What´s that spellMeister PoppersdistributionCD
1995Große DingeDanzer, GeorgdistributionCD, MC
1995Die größten Hits aus 15 JahrenFendrich, Rainharddistribution, labelCD, MC
1995Mei´ Gitar´Danzer, GeorglabelCD
1995Mixed MetaphorsPuschnig, WolfgangdistributionCD
1995Austrian Private Collectionv.a.labelCD
1995Austrian Private CollectionWaterloo & Robinsondistribution, labelCD
1994You know what I meanNussbaumer, GeorgedistributionCD
1994Like A RiverSharrock, LindadistributionCD
1994La Belle et la BêteVienna Art SpecialdistributionCD
1994BeginningsAbstract TruthdistributionCD
1993Victrola BluesCook, Al (Blues Band)distributionCD
1993Catch My BreathBaum, Andy & The Trixdistribution, labelCD, MC
1993Standing...WHAT?Vienna Art OrchestradistributionCD
1993TouchMichaelangelo And TribedistributionCD
1993Still AliveCandidadistribution, labelCD
1993BlumenImker, Diedistribution, labelCD
1993Every Other DayBaum, Andy & The Trixdistribution, labelCD
1993MaximalBuben, DiedistributionCD
1992Almliesl, halt michBuben, DiedistributionCD
1992Bleib Bei MirAmbros, Wolfgangdistribution, labelCD
1992Auf a WortSTSdistribution12INCH33, CD, MC
1992The Highlights 1977 -1989Vienna Art OrchestradistributionCD-2
1992Fe & MalesVienna Art SpecialdistributionCD
1992Meyers RacheMeyerdistributionCD
1991Extra FeathersBaum, Andy & The TrixdistributionLP, MC, CD
1991Boom BoomBluesbreakersdistributionCD
1991Reinhard TheiserTheiser, ReinharddistributionCD
1991LeifMeyerdistribution12INCH33, CD
1991The Midnight Special TrainTurning Pointdistribution07INCH45
1991Chapter IIVienna Art OrchestradistributionCD
1991Alpine AspectsPuschnig, WolfgangdistributionCD
1991Wo bleib i / I geh jetzt fischnOstbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartiedistribution, labelSI
19911/2 so wüdOstbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartiedistribution12INCH33, CD
1990City Of AngelsLux, Garydistribution12INCH33, CD, MC
1990Das erste MalPinguine, Diedistribution12INCH33, CD, MC
1990EspressoEspressodistribution12INCH33, CD
1990Innocence of ClichésVienna Art OrchestradistributionCD-2
1990Different Kind Of TruthBrüder, DiedistributionCD, MC, 12INCH33
1989(Tre)Duo DuedistributionLP, CD
1989Hey YouPinguine, Dielabel, distributionSI
1989ActionWiener WunderdistributionLP, CD, MC
1989Don´t forget it / The blind Man´s BuffV.I.C.T.O.Rdistribution07INCH45
1989Stay / I am gonna wait for youV.I.C.T.O.Rdistribution07INCH45
1989Blues For BrahmsVienna Art OrchestradistributionCD-2
1989Face On TVCherry Bombdistribution07INCH45
1989Nicht mehr los / No. 14 DuettWiener Wunderdistribution, label07INCH45
1989Erste große Liebe / Noch immerAmbros, Wolfgangdistribution07INCH45
1989Zwickt´s mi 2000 / Soul SisterAmbros, Wolfgangdistribution07INCH45
1989Young, Strong and HealthyBattle Royaldistribution07INCH45
1989GlanzlichterHirsch, Ludwigdistribution12INCH33
1989GlanzlichterWerger, StefaniedistributionCD
1989Ready For RadetzkyVienna Lusthausdistribution, label07INCH45
1989Da Joker / Bleib AllaaOstbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartiedistribution07INCH45
1989Ready For RadetzkyVienna LusthausdistributionMX
1988Pieces of DreamPuschnig, Wolfganglabel
1988A schene LeichOstbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartiedistribution12INCH33, CD, MC
1988Open HeartsChristoph Hornsteindistribution07INCH45
1988Everybody Needs Some Money / What´s Your PriceMajzen, Mikedistribution, label07INCH45
1988I Only Can Survive / Early YearsFM RadiodistributionSI
1988In dieser Nacht oder nieWiener Wunderdistribution, label07INCH45
1988A Long Way From Home / I Whish To Be TherePuschnig, Wolfgang/Tacuma, Jamaaladeendistribution07INCH45
1987Having Fun!Charles, Gina & OstinatodistributionLP, MC
1987You Can Get ItFM RadiodistributionLP
1987Weites LandRoedelius/CzjzekdistributionLP, CD
1987On The Topv.a.distribution12INCH33
1987Bill 3Bill, Marialabel12INCH33
1987Faster And Faster / Deep InsideOpusdistribution, label07INCH45
1987Gewitter / Mein seltsamer BerufAmbros, Wolfgangdistribution07INCH45
1987Whiteland / Walking Along With YouOpusdistribution, label07INCH45
1987Nimm die Zukunft in die HandDeinboek, HelidistributionLP
1986Keep Abreast With The TimesTimeshiftdistributionMX
1986TagträumerWiener WalzerdistributionMX
1986Dicke LuftS. F. 2distribution, labelMC, 12INCH33
1986Wilde ErdbeerenMajzen, Mikedistribution07INCH45
1986Ausgeliefert / LourdesDujmic, Hansidistribution, labelSI
1985Venus/7 TageMajzen, Mikedistribution07INCH45
1985Geplante Zukunft/Wie a Adler (Live)Ambros, Wolfgangdistribution, label07INCH45
1985Janine / ZärtlichkeitMajzen, Mikedistribution07INCH45
1983Für immer jung / Hand in HandAmbros, Wolfgang/Andre Hellerdistribution07INCH45
1974HollywoodWaterloo & Robinsondistribution, label07INCH45
1974Ohne Ball'n und ohne Netz / Vor, vor noch ein TorK. Band, Johanndistribution07INCH45
1973Ich male meine WeltWalcher, Heinrichdistribution12INCH33
1970Platte Nr. 1Heller, Andredistribution12INCH33
1970In The Park/SongHide & Seekdistribution07INCH45
1970Crying Child/I Can FlyHide & Seekdistribution07INCH45
1969Stop This War/Around The WorldSeals, ThedistributionSI
1966BravoAlexander, Peterlabel12INCH33
-Eismeer / Painted SunshineDomino Blue Onedistribution07INCH45
-Tagträumer / Drah di´ RiesenradlWiener WalzerdistributionSI
-Atterseelied/AtterseewalzerAttersee & HannidistributionSI
-Sky Break/Life Is Only A GameMagic 69distributionSI

press items

article medium issue page date
"Dann bin ich gespannt"Concerto05/15-okt 2015
Ambros abwärts und bergaufWiener132-mai 1991
Tonträger PlusFalter - Zeitschrift09/87-27. feb 1987
Plattenfirmen in ÖsterreichTschin Bumm31-1985
Szene NewsTschin Bumm31-1985
"Wie die Luftballons..."Falter - Zeitschrift04/83-feb 1983

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