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PAO Records


add. releases: Jean-Paul Bourelly "Vibe Music" (PAO 10500, 1999); Archie Shepp "St. Louis Blues" (PAO 10430, 1999); Westbrook & Company "Platterback" (PAO 10530, 1999); John Abercrombie/Jarek Smietana "Speak Easy" (1999, PAO 10610); Peter Rohrsdorfer "Sax´s klassisch" (1997, PAO 10150); John Purcell "Saxello Christmas In Vienna" (1996, PAO 10210);


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Paul Zauner-


year title artist mentioned for format
2010As It IsMartin Gasselsberger Trio (mg3)labelCD
2009The FlowFlow, ThelabelCD
2008Venus of HarlemBlue Brass ConnectionlabelCD
2008Soul & CreationRaul de Souzalabel
2008It Takes A Tough Man... To Cook A Tender ChickenTruc De KezzeklabelCD
2008FuzzroomFine Noiselabel, distributionCD
2007Ammü QuartettAmmü QuartettlabelCD
2007Hausmusik for CoulinHausmusik for CoulinlabelCD
2007nZangerle, Werner 4labelCD
2007Bucket Full of BluesSanders, John Lee & The World Blue Bandlabel
2006Giuffre ZoneGiuffre Zonelabel, produced byCD
2006Giuffre ZonePreinfalk, Gerald F./ Cech, Christoph/ Mathisen, PerlabelCD
2006VibrationsPaier, KlauslabelCD
2005TiempoPaier, Klaus TriolabelCD
2004Radio String Quartet feat. Klaus PaierRadio String QuartettlabelCD
2003live | vol.1Paier, Klaus TriolabelCD
2003live | vol.2Paier, Klaus TriolabelCD
2002MovimientoPaier, Klaus TriolabelCD
2000Nature WayKlaus Dickbauer/ Herbert JooslabelCD
2000AspectsPuschnig, WolfganglabelCD
1999Bonobo ClubBonobo ClublabelCD
1999Puppet´s DanceHerbert, Peter & Peter MadsenlabelCD
1999Cry FluteWehinger, GünterlabelCD
1998Albanian Folk With The Spirit of RockTiralabelCD
1998Streunende HörnerSaxofourlabelCD
1998La Lampe PhilosophiqueUpper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, ThelabelCD
1997Great Story of A HomeOut of BluelabelCD
1997Per ShqiperinëTiralabelCD
1997BirnbeitlnMostviertler BirnbeitlerlabelCD
1996Save The RobotsSchrenk, Conrad ExtravaganzalabelCD
1996FlowPepl, Harry PianolabelCD
1995Freedom For EverybodyEnfant Terriblelabel, distributionCD
1995Darkness Pursues The ButterflyPeter & PeterlabelCD
1995Solo Works ´89-93Klaus DickbauerlabelCD
1994BeginningsAbstract TruthlabelCD

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article medium issue page date
"Blues is the man's best friend"Film, Sound & Media03/10-mär 2010
PAO - Produktion der OffenheitJazz Zeit - Magazin für Musik und Lebenskunst05-nov 1999

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Abstract Truth-


TEL+43/7719/8060 (Main Office)
FAX+43/7719/8060-12 (Main Office)
FAX+43/7584/400015 (Business Office)
TEL+43/7584/400019 (Business Office)


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